Living In Hawaii, the Food Tour: Kona Coffee Purveyors

I was a HUGE fan of B Patisserie when I was living in the Bay and became super excited to find out that they partnered with Kona Coffee Purveyors for their pastries. Drinking only kona coffee back home on the mainland, and also working the 330am EST shift, I was so happy to know that there was a coffeeshop that had both of my favorites – kona coffee and my koign aman pastries. However, what I got was something that I couldn’t find in almost any bakery on the mainland: the lilikoi bostock.

Lilikoi Bostock: a super dense yet small cake, flavored with of course, the local delicacy of passionfruit (lilikoi).

  • definitely filling. This is one little dense cake and it’s HEAVY.
  • shareable (as it’s pretty filling!)
  • good balance of tart and sweet. Sometimes it’s easy to go too sweet in trying to counterbalance the acidity of the lilikoi, but of course, they did it just fine!


  • slightly too filling. This is something you don’t want to eat on a full stomach. I had to take half of it back home.
  • pretty sticky! Get ready to wash your hands or bring some baby wipes!
Lilikoi Bostock

I definitely came back to this place quite a number of times during my 5 weeks in Oahu. This place had some GREAT coffee. But mostly, they had a guava koign aman pastry that I. ABSOLUTELY. LOVED. I actually got that pastry three times! This guava koign aman is actually why I’m giving this review 5 stars. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it. Kona Coffee Purveyors are known also for their black sesame koign aman but having had multiple black sesame desserts on the mainland, I wanted to go heavy on the local flavors for this extended trip. Quick tip for coffee – their main drinks, unless specified, are made with non-Hawaiian and non-Kona coffee. There is a coffee bar though just next to the main service area that you can taste all the different types of coffees they feature. I would almost always rather get a kona brew than one made with their beans sourced from other places. The low acidity and smoothness – all of it is worth the price (once in awhile 😉 )

Service is always fast, and there is outdoor seating. However, being located on a major road in Waikiki, this place is BUSTLING. There is always a crowd and this was pre-tourist return. I can only imagine how it would be during peak travel season! Still worth waiting in line though, you can always eat a pastry on the side of the road! You can find them here:

2330 Kalakaua Ave Ste 160 Honolulu, HI 96815 | (808) 450-2364 |

Grab a cup and relax!


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