Traveller Markers

“To go where no Rammiegirl has gone before…”

Welcome to the start of my travels.  Traveling is one of my ultimate loves of life, equally on par with food and music.  My best friend actually has commented on the fact that I haven’t been anywhere in awhile if I haven’t a) left the state or rather, b) left the country.  I would have to say that while I have incredibly many hobbies and aspirations, traveling along with food and photography is a top priority.  So much so that I definitely plan on taking my kids around the world at a young age.  It may be a handful, and I may have to drug them (hopefully not) so that they aren’t obnoxious pricks on the plane where I will want to chuck them out the window myself, save for the few poor victims, I mean fellow passengers sitting next to us.

Here you will find the start of my travel archives.  While it is small and tiny right now, I hope that it will come to grow extensively.  The majority of the photos will be on my photo blog (link here) but there will be links.  Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you can “travel” with me through my site!



North America

Wandering Holes

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