Life Notes


This is the start of everything else that is moderately major in my personal life.  It may expand a little more or it may shrink.  As I’ve started a “new blog”, fresh beginnings you can say, I really had to think about the posts that I wanted to write.  Before I used to write about anything and everything under the sun.  However, as simplicity became a much more common goal, accompanied with much re-prioritization, I realize that I wanted my writing to be the same.

I have a bad habit of randomly writing on whatever topic amuses me at the moment.  However, as a friend noted with her own blogging, the goal is to focus on quality and not quantity.  Not to say that I was blogging on a frequent basis.  However, I realize that I do little editing and a lot of dreaming, in words that is.  If I was to truly see this as a “publication”, then shouldn’t I attempt to balance the scales a little bit more?  Perhaps what I find most difficult is to lump my “life” into a few categories.  It’s almost like dumping a person into a group.  While it happens on a day to day basis, the dreamer and free spirit in me wants to rebel!  However, let me tuck that persona back in and focus on the main goal of this new blog.  Ultimately, I hope that my articles are not just informative but entertaining.

Below are the links to my various articles in archive format.  Again, I thank you for your readership and hope to see you often in the future!

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