An Atlantan In New York: Kale Kale Kale

Takumen: Long Island City, Queens, NY, USA

My friend took me here last night swearing that this place served the best kale salad he’s had.  While he also recommended the ramen, I went for the baby kale salad because of the yuzu black pepper dressing.  Yuzu is probably my all-time favorite citrus fruit, and I’m literally sold on anything that has it.  To give a little sustenance to our meal, we also split the chicken wings.  Both were peanut-heavy so not advisable for those with nut allergies.

Spicy Chicken Wings
– six pieces of wings, definitely shareable between two people, three only if you are trying it for flavor, good for the protein portion of someone who is more hungry and a salad would not fill them up
– good amount of heat
– sauce is not too heavy but packs a punch of flavor, more of a tart/citrus-like soy chili sauce.
– peanut heavy! noms.
– meat was not dried out (very important)
– wings were not evenly dressed.  I felt like I definitely had more sauce on some wings compared to others.

Takumen - chicken wings

Baby Kale Salad: served with yuzu black pepper dressing, peanuts, and generous portion of finely shaved cheese (parmesan?)
– that dressing is ON POINT: not too sour, not too salty, packs a little bit of heat
– good serving, probably shareable if two people wanted to get individual ramen and throw in some greens
– could have a little more other stuff added to it, maybe a light fruit? The cheese definitely adds quite a nice amount of salt but the dressing is more tart so perhaps slivers of apple or pear would balance it out.

I’d definitely come back if I wanted to get a salad.  Tip is reportedly “included” in the prices but it’s also optional to leave a little more on the table if your service is fantastic.  I might head back here for some ramen if I was in the area but it’s a good 40min haul for me.  Guess I need to revert back to ATL transportation standards 🙂  They are closed on Mondays.  Definitely stop by, you can find them here with easy access on the 7 train or the G:

5-50 50th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101

A few remaining food adventures remain for The Big Apple and onto newer adventures in a location to be announced later!  Thank you for reading!


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