An Atlantan In New York: Korean-Chinese Food Fixings

Dong Chun Hong: Koreatown (Midtown West), Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

My friends took me here for korean-chinese sweet and sour pork (tang soo yuk) and supposedly some of the best black-bean noodles (jajang myun) in Manhattan. It’s really difficult for me, coming from Atlanta where Korean food is abundant and cheaper, to New York where it’s the opposite. However, my friends swore that this was the best place for sweet-sour pork and so we came here. The service was on point and even if there wasn’t someone available every minute of the dining experience, they did have each table equipped with a small buzzer. I actually came back a second time and ordered the seafood spicy noodle (haemul jjampong). Each table came with kimchee, pickled preserved vegetables, and pickled daikon.

Black-bean Noodles (JaJjang Myun)
– huge quantity (worth what you pay for)
– not greasy (this is so key to keeping the food down afterwards)
– not overly salty
– not that much pork chunks: while they did not advocate that there is any meat, I think it would be nice to have a little bit more in the actual meal, especially if people were not ordering additional food items

Dong Chun Hong - ja jang myun

Sweet-Sour Pork (Tang Soo Yuk)
– crispiest breading ever – this is way better than the fluffy bread breading.
– great quantity, definitely good for sharing or eating family style
– does not keep well: recommend eating the entire dish or being okay with soggy breading as leftovers.

Spicy Seafood Noodle (Haemul Jjampong)
– fantastic quantity: it could seriously feed three if other dishes were ordered as well
– great amount of heat, not too spicy
– not overly salty either
– very generous with the seafood: even came with two soft-shell crab legs.

I have already been back three times whenever I get a craving for sweet-and-sour pork/beef. Definitely recommend this place for those away from New York but looking forward for a quick fix to their Korean-chinese food cravings.  You can find them just around the corner off of W. 32nd and 5th Ave:

312 5th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Thank you for reading.  Five more weeks until newer adventures begin meaning five more weeks of heartache from how much New York has wormed its way into my heart.  Photos have also been uploaded from Iceland and Hawaii on my photoblog.  Let the posts keep coming!

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