An Atlantan In Baltimore: Last Meals – Best Pizza

Matthew’s Pizza: Canton, Baltimore, MD, USA

This place was recommended by a friend of mine back up in Baltimore for being the best pizzeria in Baltimore.  When my dad came up to help me drive back south, he specifically wanted pizza and gave me the perfect reason to go ahead and try this place.  Upon walking in through the door and seated, I see a Thrillist article stating that this place, specifically their crab pie, is one of the top 33 best pizzas in America.  America.  How could I have missed this?!?!

For those of you who are unsure of what Thrillist is, it is a men’s magazine that focuses on food, travel, gadgets and more.  However, I like to read Thrillist, especially for food recommendations.  They definitely did not disappoint with Matthew’s Pizzeria.  Pops and I split a 10″ crab pie.  This pie consisted of house sauce, lump crab, fresh mozarella and imported reggiano cheeses.  Their pizzas can come in a thin crust as requested but since Pops and I are both pan crust fans (Daddy’s girl in this sense), we went with the regular crust.  Thank goodness we did!

Matthews Pizza - Thrillist

Matthews Pizza – Thrillist

10″ Crab Pie


  • not overly flavored: there is Old Bay seasoning (as there is in all things Baltimore and Chesapeak-ean) but it does not overwhelm the pizza
  • house sauce is different, not super tangy like most tomato sauce is like but not too sweet either.
  • crust was amazing: nice and buttery, good crispy and not too thick
  • cheese was great but wish they had used more fresh mozzarella.  After the pizza cools just slightly, the cheese starts to get chewy instead of staying “melty”


  • not enough lump crab.  You definitely get the flavor, but for $14 a pop, I was hoping for more crab.
crab pie

crab pie

slice of crab pie

slice of crab pie

This was one amazing pizza:  Thrillist came through!  I was so hesitant after my disappointing meal at Slainte’s which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  In summary:

  • house crab pie (market price): **** (4 stars)

If you want to check out Matthew’s Pizzeria, you can find them literally right at the corner of Patterson Park in East Baltimore.  It’s definitely a place where you need a car to get to, but it’s seriously worth it!

3131 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 276-8755


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