An Atlantan In Baltimore: Official Last Meal

Ryleigh’s Oyster: Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD, USA

This is officially the last meal of this series during my time here in Baltimore.  I took my pops to one of my favorite restaurants in this city – Ryleigh’s Oyster.  While we made the last 30 minutes of the Oyster Happy Hour, we didn’t really get anything from the raw bar.  Fortunately for us, they did have chef special plates that were smaller than normal entree plates, but still bigger than an appetizer.  Here we have our final tasting menu:

  • happy hour calamari
  • roasted brussels sprouts with vinegar reduction and bacon
  • beer-battered lobster tail
  • seared tuna tataki

Happy Hour Calamari


  • can’t go wrong with their calamari – I’ve had it every time a friend or two came here for happy hour.
  • good flavor, crispiness always spot on
  • plating is amazing today for some reason.  Baltimore must’ve known I was leaving.


  • quantity has decreased somewhat, or maybe it’s because it came on a bigger plate than normal?
happy hour calamari

happy hour calamari

Roasted Brussels Sprouts


  • I love this dish.  It’s definitely an appetizer that I could get over and over because the flavors go really well together.
  • balsalmic reduction: a much sweeter version that goes well with the bitterness of brussels sprouts
  • bacon.  bacon bacon bacon.


  • slightly greasier than I’d like but there is bacon.

Ryleigh's - roasted brussel sprouts

brussel sprouts

brussel sprouts

Beer-Battered Lobster Tail


  • It’s lobster tail.


  • Too much batter.  The ratio of batter to lobster is about 2:1 which does not bode well.  In addition, it leaves room for the batter to get super soggy.
  • Batter was super greasy: I could sponge it off with my napkin
  • Not enough seasoning in the batter: tasted like plain tempura but greasier.

Ryleigh's Oyster - beer battered lobster

battered lobster tail

battered lobster tail

Seared Tuna Tataki


  • nice even sear
  • fresh fish taste
  • light and clean with good flavors given its sesame crust.


  • not enough fish.  I could easily have eaten this by myself.  Two orders can possible satisfy three people but not four.  We split one order between two people and we wished we had opted for two and skimped out on the lobster tail.

Ryleigh's Oyster - tuna upclose

seared tuna

seared tuna

In summary:

  • happy hour calamari: ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • brussels sprouts with vinegar reduction: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • beer battered lobster tail: *** (3 stars)
  • seared tuna: **** (4 stars)

We went to the Federal Hill location for dinner as my dad had hurt his back.  The circulator bus drops us literally right at the corner and it’s only about a two-store walk to Ryleigh’s.  You can find them here:

36 E Cross St
Baltimore, MD
(410) 539-2093

All in all, the food was pretty darn amazing.  It was a little too much of the fried-food factor surprisingly but I was happy to have this as my last meal in Baltimore.  This ends the series of my one year in this city, and it has fed me well.  There were some disappointments but for the most part, the cuisine and culinary scene did grow on me.  I’m grateful to Baltimore for feeding my belly and more so for the relationships that were strengthened over each meal.  The next series will be the last few meals during this past month or so in Washington D.C. and then after that will be a year back home in the dirty south.  Thank you for reading, and I hope that you get to try all these wonderful places upon your visit to the Chesapeake.

Happy eating!


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