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Heirloom BBQ: Atlanta, GA, USA

I had heard about Heirloom from multiple friends.  Chefs Ji Ji and Cody combined their vision of bringing great barbecue to Atlanta by bringing out Chef Ji Ji’s South Korean influence to southern meats.  You’ll have to pardon the state of the pictures as we went there at night, and there wasn’t much daylight hours for me to get a good shot.  Things ordered: two meats (Ribs and pulled pork) plate.

2 meat plate

2 meat plate



  • came out with sauce on the side: I like this because some people may not like a crap ton of sauce dripping all over their ribs
  • for this plate, it was a good amount to get a taste of two kinds of meats.  If you’re a ribs-only fan, then it would probably be better to get a half rack.


  • not exactly fall-off-the-bone as you can see from the picture.  I definitely like mine to be super soft and tender.


Pulled Pork


  • I actually really like this better than the ribs.  In general, my preference lies more towards super soft and tender meats.
  • shredded evenly: this was really nice because it allowed the sauce to soak into the meat a little bit more.  Some places don’t “pull” the pork enough, resulting in large chunks of pork that get stuck in my teeth 😦
  • great flavor, not dried out
  • goes well with the slaw – my friend got it as a side and was generous enough to let me take a spoon or two to slop on my sandwich: the slaw was really good, not runny either.


  • can’t say that I found any really!
pulled pork

pulled pork

All in all here’s my summary!

  • ribs: ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • pulled pork ***.85 (3.85 stars)

Admittedly, I couldn’t really find the “S. Korean” flavors in the barbecue.  I definitely still prefer Community Q or Fox Brothers over Heirloom.  I guess also my experience with the smaller plates at Sobban may have been a bit of a bias heading into this as well.  However, I’m always ready to go back and try Heirloom again, especially their brisket!  You can find them near the I-75 exit just outside of Atlanta:

2243 Akers Mill Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339

For all you barbecue fans out there in the A, let me know what you think! I’m always up for some new notes, and my readers are as well!


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