An Atlantan In Japan: The End

Akihabara: Tokyo, Japan

Many people may not know this but I love anime and manga.  It’s something that I grew with and never grew out of.  There’s something about anime that feels very innocent.  Perhaps it caters to children (although that was not the case seven years ago), but the anime that I tend to watch usually have a positive attitude that somehow always promotes fighting for something or something as well as standing by your friends.

That being said, I went back to Akihabara after an absence of 7 years just to reminisce a little bit.  It hasn’t changed that much from what I remembered, or perhaps it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten much about it.  Known also as “Electric Town”, this is where you would find your manga, anime figurines, and of course, your electrical gadgets.

anime posters

anime posters

There’s almost no way that you can miss this as you literally are greeted with anime posters and a huge SEGA store as soon as you exit the Akihabara JR train station.  There may not necessarily be that much to do, but it’s still quite an experience to walk around.  I was hoping to get some takoyaki here but I couldn’t find the stand that I had initially found it years back.



Luckily for us, Hotel Mystays Ueno allowed us to check out and leave our luggage with them before we had to leave for the airport.  Our N’EX (Narita Express) tickets were reserved the day before so we didn’t need to hurry.  I would definitely leave at least a good hour or more to get from wherever you are to Tokyo Station and then to the airport (Narita).  We could have bought a Keisei Express train ticket and left from the Ueno station, but since we had spent the money for a JR Pass, we wanted to make full use of it.

And so ends my lovely and wonderful journey to what is probably my favorite country in Asia.  Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the posts so far!  Next will literally just be a barrage of foods from Singapore!


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