13 Going On 14

With the new year just a few hours away, I am tempted to launch into a list of new year’s resolutions that are a mish-mash combination of those failed from 2013 and before along with new hopefuls that might just make it through the next 365.  However, it wasn’t until a conversation with a friend today and a prayer at dinner that made me realize how much I have aged.  I mean matured!



A friend asked me what I was doing for New Year’s Eve, and my response was, “Going to bed.  Early.”

Yes, that’s right.  Call me a party pooper.  Part of it is due to having to wake up at 545am for the past two days to work.  Ah, responsibilities!  I vaguely remember what you are.  However, as much as I desire to find some sort of revelry and party-making, my body says otherwise.  However, my response, genuinely honest as always, followed with this reason: To me, it is just time passing on.  2013 moving into 2014 is just the same as going to sleep the day before your birthday and waking up the day of with most of the time, having nothing changed.”

At first I didn’t really know if I believed what I actually said, but it settled in quickly when I said grace briefly before my evening meal.  As with most of my prayers, they aren’t truly planned out in any manner of speaking.  However, I was surprised to find myself being grateful for (not surprisingly) time.  Since 2012 I have all too well realized the importance of time and how short it is.  I reinforced myself of the fact that all time, whether it is a birthday or a holiday or an ordinary day, is really God’s time.  He can dish it out for as long as he sees fit, and he can take it away in less than a few seconds.  As much as we try to label things and attach numbers as well as festivities, ultimately, each second that passes should be a celebration.  If we were to truly celebrate the “passing of time”, shouldn’t we be celebrating every day?  On top of that, it reminded me of the bigger purpose of why I felt 2012 happened altogether.  That being said, shouldn’t the celebration be even more spectacular than that of any party thrown on earth?

When I think about all the parties that I’ve been to, all the celebrations and the rambunctious new years, none of the excitement or ecstatic feelings are comparable or replaceable with the feeling of literally new life, or even just the appreciation of life.  Will I appreciate or seek a good party now and then, of course! I definitely plan on maximizing my life events from here on out and actually crossing off things on my bucket list.  But I can’t let myself forget of the more important things in life.  Don’t get me wrong, I think resolutions are fabulous goals to set (or re-set) because it prevents stagnation of life and growth as a person.  But with all the presents and the lights and the booze, it’s almost too easy to forget the importance of essentially what is simply time passing.

So as the new year comes in, I hope you are blessed with incredible revelry and merrymaking as well as safe bodies and travels back home to start off 2014.   But I hope that after all the hooplah and the hangover, when you do your laundry, take your morning shower, or even pack your bags, that you look towards 2014 as a gift of more time to spend doing something great, with someone awesome, in an amazing place and will give you that all-over-body tingle that only being in a state of sheer happiness can bring.

Happy New Year.


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