Living In Hawaii, the Food Tour: Beet Box Cafe

I took a day trip from Honolulu with two friends to the North Shore and was recommended to try this place. We wanted something healthy and yet filling since we were spending a whole day up in this area and then heading out west for the sunset hike. Parking wasn’t too hard because we left Honolulu kind of early. This also allowed us to grab a table outside (everything was socially distanced). Maybe the only thing I didn’t like was that it was still relatively close to the sidewalk so you’d still be exposed to anyone walking by without a mask on 😦

If you think of Hawaii, you think of acai bowls. I had to get an acai-SOMETHING and yet wanted something savory and more filling than an acai bowl – it was almost 11am/brunch time by the time we got situated. A girl’s gotta fuel up for the multiple hikes we planned that day! So I settled with the following:

Acai smoothie:


  • huge portion, definitely filled me up more than I thought it would (but I knew it wouldn’t last too long.
  • nice consistency: not too icy but yet very cold which was perfect because it was already hot by 1130am/noon.


  • none

Yogi bowl: roasted eggplant, seasoned baked tofu, spinach, portobello mushrooms, red bell peppers, cashews & green onion stir fried in an Asian style sauce then served on two scoops of brown rice and topped with pickled carrots, toasted sesame seeds & a swirl of Sriracha spicy sauce. I actually subbed out the spicy sauce for their special green sauce. It was EPIC.


  • huge portions. Very very filling for a salad with the tofu, mushrooms and eggplant.
  • great balance of different ingredients. Would love to be vegan if this was what it entailed.
  • generous with the sauce (I actually wanted MORE sauce, it was that good!)


  • none. No carbs needed because of the rice!

Man, I wish there was one a little closer to the city. The other location is in Kailua which is still a 30min haul by car. I’m still grateful though to have had this recommendation and will definitely aim to be back! Was super lucky to come when there weren’t that many people and tourists out and about just yet too!

You can find them near downtown Haleiwa here:



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