An Atlantan Back In New York: On the Search for Malaysian

Laut: East Village, Manhattan, NY, NY, USA

I have to say, having relatives in Malaysia and Singapore definitely has created cravings for the motherland foods. I was super excited to find more SE Asian foods, specifically these types of foods like nasi lemak at Laut. The two things we tried were the following:

Nasi Lemak: coconut rice with sambal chili anchovies
– good quantity, definitely shareable if you and your party get other dishes.
– filling if it’s just for a solo eater (medium, not big eater)
– served with curry chicken (standard, but possibly also with beef dry curry at some other places): good flavor, not overly spicy
– good balance of the four different kinds of components to the dish (anchovies, chicken, rice, cucumbers/achat-malaysian style pickles, egg)
– generous portion of the anchovies (this is my favorite part, mostly because of the roasted peanuts mixed inside)

– chicken was overcooked. I don’t like mushy chicken. It wasn’t bad, just as if it was boiled in the curry a little too long.

Laut - nasi lemak

Satay Tofu: Fried tofu triangles stuffed with bean sprouts and served with a satay peanut sauce.
– good flavor: peanut sauce was not overly sweet

– crappy quantity. You can just see in the pictures for themselves – small pieces of tofu, only shareable with maybe one other person.

It was great to satisfy the craving, but I don’t think I would come back here again, especially knowing a few other Malaysian places in the city. If you’re starving AND craving Malaysian AND it’s within the vicinity then sure, by all means, knock yourself out. Always worth a try – one other review said it was hit or miss but there are so many restaurants in NYC to “try” that I don’t know if I would come back here for another go round. Still worth trying if you haven’t been on your own accord! You can find them here:

15 E 17th St
New York, NY 10003

b/t W Union Sq & Broadway 
Union Square, Flatiron

Let me know how it goes!


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