An Atlantan Back In New York: Korean Bossam

Her Name Is Han: K-town, Manhattan, NY, USA

I really do miss good Korean food, especially coming from Atlanta where the korean population is huge and also only living about 15min from the ATL “K-town”. I will have to say, while it is insanely cheaper down there, it is also consistently good. Thankfully, I have a few korean friends here in Manhattan who can vouch for a few places including Her Name Is Han.

We came here for their bossam as it is what this place is known for. Bossam is not easy to do well, and it’s also somewhat of a specialty. Comprised of pork belly slices (not grilled) and then basically wrapped in napa cabbage along with various types of kimchi or vegetables, it’s relatively healthy.

Pork Belly Bossam
– good assortment of banchan (small side dishes)
– nice atmosphere: very cosy like most New York restaurants, but the deco is very soothing to eat in.
– nice pairing of the pickles with the pork belly: I particularly enjoyed the three different sauces that it came with

– would like a little more stuff to go with the meat. Then again, I am comparing this with ATL and LA where the korean food has an outstanding reputation as well as a higher amount of competition.

Her Name is Han - bossam

Black Sesame Ice-cream (because we had to get dessert)
– plating was super pretty. I don’t usually comment on this even though it’s an important part of the dining (and cooking) experience, but this one was just super gorgeous to look at
– good quantity, we definitely were able to share it amongst the three of us.

– freeze-dried strawberries (I believe that is what it is). For some reason, I would rather prefer fresh strawberries. The texture was slightly odd because they were crunchy and didn’t quite go with the softness of the ice-cream

Her Name is Han - black sesame ice cream

It’s nice to come back here once in awhile. I don’t know if it’s somewhere I would frequent once a week or once every two weeks, but it wasn’t a ridiculously horrible experience. It definitely beats having to trek out to Fort Lee for Korean food although I hear it’s worth the trip. One thing I will have to say is that I do wish that the wait wasn’t so long sometimes. I realize that just comes with the territory of having a super small establishment due to the space limitations of New York city, but I suppose you get what you pay in line for?  You can find them just around the corner from the Manhattan K-Town (the one block):

17 E 31st St
New York, NY 10016

b/t 5th Ave & Madison Ave 
Midtown East


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