An Atlantan Back in New York: Japanese Curry Diner

Curry YaEast Village, Manhattan, NY, NY, USA

I came here with a few friends about two years ago to grab a quick bite as a group before I left for the Bay.  One of the things that drew me to this place was how you can customize your curry. I ordered the shrimp and pork katsu curry but with the baked curry topped with corn and cheese.

– came out piping hot in a little small porcelain dutch oven: this was super cute by the way.
– added cheese: created a nice extra savoriness and richness to the curry
– meat and tempura shrimp was hot and crisp: no sogginess, freshly fried.

– none.

Curry Ya - katsu and shrimp

Definitely great service, relatively cheap if you don’t count all the extra add-ons. I was super hungry so went for a big order. Flavor was on point for Japanese curry. One of the things that wasn’t the greatest is that it’s a very small seating area and not advisable for large parties – doesn’t quite bode for good conversation if everyone is sitting in a row. The food though is still quite delicious!

You can find them in East Village here:

214 E 10th St
New York, NY 10003

b/t 2nd Ave & 1st Ave 
East Village

Definitely stop by, it’s a bit hard to find but definitely one of the comfy spots in the city for Japanese curry!


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