An Atlantan Back In New York City: Korean Intestine BBQ

Gopchang Story BBQ: K-town, Manhattan, NY, USA

I normally don’t give a perfect score for restaurants on Yelp unless they are incredibly good. Gopchang Story though definitely takes the cake for this one. I came here three times thus far in a 2 month period because the food was that good. All in all the things that I loved and tried included:

Mixed Intestines: both marinated and unmarinated, served with thin sliced scallions as well as dduk (rice cake) on the grill.
– great balance between marinated and unmarinated: you get to try some of each and also change it up when you get tired of one to eat the other
– good amount of food
– intestines are grilled for you by a server
– none

Gopchang Story - mixed intestines

Spicy cold noodles (Bbibim Naeng Myun): best accompaniment to grilled meat.
– not overly dressed with bibbim (spicy sweet hot pepper paste sauce) sauce
– coldness of the noodles is super refreshing against the heat of the grilled meats
– good quantity, definitely shareable
– none

Fried Rice at the end of the meal: optional order, cooked with the grease from the meat so it enters the flavor of the rice. You can add cheese, nori, or mentaiko (fermented fish roe) as an additional topping. (I highly recommend the cheese and nori!)
– makes full use of the remaining flavor
– great quantity, definitely shareable
– becomes crispy on the pan if you leave it long enough
– good flavor, not too salty or marinated
– none

The service was TOP NOTCH. Everything was explained really well and the food was always cooked perfectly (you can also leave the meats on the grill a little longer to get that extra char on there). One of the drawbacks though is a ridiculously long wait. I think the shortest time I waited for this place was 45minutes! I have to say though, it is totally worth it! I’d definitely come back again to this place. You have to be an adventurous eater, and I’m thankful my mom instilled a wide and diverse palate in me since I was two.  You can find them just at the intersection of 5th Ave and W. 32nd.  Check them out here:

312 5th Ave
Fl 2
New York, NY 10001

Definitely give it a try!


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