An Atlantan Back in NYC: Gourmet Dim Sum

Tim Ho Wan: Hells Kitchen, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

I couldn’t believe the hype at first, especially for a wait time of 45min-1hr. There’s no way that dim sum could be THIS GOOD, especially for it not being DTF. However, after meeting two friends here, I retract my statement. Most of the dim sum dishes were almost the same quality, I will however make special note of particular ones that I like.

Things we tried:

  • stuffed eggplant
  • shrimp shumai
  • beef steamed rice-roll
  • bbq pork buns
  • shrimp dumpings (har gao)
  • sesame balls (stuffed with custard)
  • radish cake

(in general):

  • all dishes were very fresh, clean, not oily – especially the eggplant
  • the bbq pork buns were really amazing: they say this is what they are known for and I can definitely attest to that. I probably won’t be able to find buns like these unless I go back to Asia.
  • everything came out fresh and hot
  • service was really great: even though we ordered everything at once, we were still able to add the dessert (Sesame balls) at the end.
  • not overly salty: usually a lot of dim sum places don’t make these by hand. I’m not sure if Tim Ho Wan does, but I know that for very busy places, a lot of them order wholesale frozen and just steam them for service.


  •  the hostess forgot to put my name on the waitlist. So after waiting for 20min, she added me back on when I went back to give her my phone number to call us — I would have at very least liked to have been placed ahead back into our spot as it was three or four people who came after us but were now before us. In addition, we had a baby, of which we stressed multiple times. Traveling or even eating out (in new york city particularly) is really difficult. So to have to wait an extra 20-30minutes was really not ideal.
  • because of the long wait, I felt that the service was kind of rushed. Almost like the wait staff kept waiting for us to leave. It wasn’t as if we were lingering but it doesn’t make for a good eating experience to have to rush down your meal.

Would I come back? Sure, it’s too bad that they don’t do the Yelp wait list, it would be AMAZING to know how long the live wait times were!  You can find them here at their Hell’s Kitchen location.  Supposedly it’s better than the East Village one regarding wait times, but I’m not quite sure about that!

610 9th Ave
New York, NY 10036

I don’t know how long these eating adventure in New York will last this second round here.  However, now that I’m living on the West Side of the island, I’m definitely going to eat my way up north to the Upper West Side!


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