An Atlantan Back in NYC: NYC SLICE

Johns of Bleecker Street: W. Village, Manhattan, NY, NY

I came here based off of Yelp reviews and friends who have recommended this place from eating here.  We chose this place to have a little reunion from friends who met and lived in the Bay (SF) but are now based in NYC.  One of the things that we love about NYC is the pizza – you just can’t get good pizza, at least NYC-style pizza, out in SF!

This is definitely build your own style, pick your toppings which are $4 for the whole pie and $2 for half.  The large size has about 8 pieces which, if combined with a salad is pretty good for dinner if you’re slightly hungry.  The toppings can really add up but thankfully Yelp Check-In gives you one free topping which you can use now or save later (I LOVE YELP FOR THIS…and their live waiting list!).

It seems quite small, but there is actually a whole other separate room on the side that you have to enter through the back.  Your entire party must be present to be seated so I recommend that people not be late.  Service is decent although they do seem to have a bit of a rush on patrons during dinner hour (understandably so when there are people waiting to eat).

All in all, I would come again, but keep in mind that you’re going to want to have a pretty basic pizza or be prepared to shell out dough.  I would say that in comparison to deep-dish (Chicago style), of which I had 9 years of eating being out in the Midwest, I definitely still prefer NYC style the most.   John’s of Bleecker is definitely one of the places to beat! Now if only they sold pizza by the slice….




You can find them here:
278 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10014

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