Szechuan Spice!

Yummy Spice: Doraville (Atlanta), GA, USA

I had a mini reunion with two friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. They recommended this place as it was nearby and new, and they knew that I hadn’t been back in Atlanta for several years. I definitely love spicy food and so I was excited to try some hopefully legit Szechuan. The things we shared were:

Dan Dan Noodles: not exactly cold noodles but not hot, tossed well with cucumbers and sesame seeds
– refreshing
– not super oily
– filling
– shareable provided you order other things as well unless you are a noods-only person

– noodles were slightly overcooked but not to the point where they were mushy/stuck together.

yummy spice - dan dan noodles

Spicy Double Fried Chitterlings: Ok if you’re Asian and also from the south, chitterlings or intestines/gopchang/dachang is a very savory flavorful delicacy. It is damn tasty.
– not super spicy but just enough heat to keep you wanting more and more
– the fat in the intestines goes well with the spice (making it more addicting)
– definitely flavorful: the pictures alone show how much seasoning is used but yet it’s not ridiculously overpowerful (you still need to have some sort of carb with it though)

– be careful of the peppercorns!

yummy spice - spicy double fried chitterlings

Fried Cabbage: stir fried cabbage/vegetables
– lightened up the meal: not overly spiced, just lightly seasoned with salt/soy sauce
– not super greasy
– broke up the fattiness of the intestines and other things we ordered
– not overcooked nor undercooked

– none (this is a super basic dish)

yummy spice - stir fry cabbage

Szechuan Wontons
– definitely shareable but maybe between two to three people depending on how much food you’ve ordered for the group
– not super spicy but just enough heat

– slightly overboiled: the wrappers were a little dilapidated but still good
– oily, due to hot chili oil. It’s not necessarily a con, but I try not to eat too much oil because it makes me a bit queasy. Some people can handle it just fine though.

yummy spice - szechuan wontons

I’d definitely come here again for sure. The service was good although parking can be a little bit tough if you come during the business hour. You can probably park next door in the large shopping plaza (Asian Square) but you’d have to walk down a short bit along Buford Highway. Definitely worth it though!  You can find them here:

5164 Buford Hwy NE
Bldg B
Doraville, GA 30340


Get the chitterlings, they are super super good!


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