KFC: Korean Fried Chicken

Hello Chicken!Doraville (Atlanta), GA, USA

I came here after my best friend told me that these new korean fried chicken joints had been opening up in Atlanta.  Having lived in Baltimore and NYC, there are numerous korean fried chicken establishments, but not so much in Atlanta.  I got to have lunch with her and then took back a side order of the original fried chicken for my dad who LOVES fried chicken.

Sweet Spicy Chicken
– large quantity of chicken
– sauce was not too sweet and not too spicy: this was a super nice balance and gave just the right amount of heat to keep you coming back
– the crispiness still stayed even after being tossed in the sauce: this was super key
– none

Hello Chicken - spicy chicken wings

Soy Garlic Chicken 
– equally same quantity of chicken: definitely better to share if you want to try different flavors
– not as crispy as the sweet spicy chicken in the sauce.  I’m not sure if it just sat a little bit longer in the sauce, or if the chicken wasn’t breaded enough before it was fried.

Hello Chicken - soy garlic wings

Regular original fried chicken
– huge quantity: definitely fed my entire family
– crispiness still stayed even after a 30min drive home
– crispiness remained when warmed up in the toaster oven
– flavor was on point: not too salty, not over seasoned or under seasoned

Hello Chicken - original fried chicken

Dukkoji: grilled korean rice cake dressed with sweet spicy sauce
– definitely my favorite and not overly seasoned
– not over cooked or grilled too long
– good quantity to share
– filling, very filling: it’s a lot of mochi flour (sweet rice flour)
– can cool quite fast and therefore be a bit too chewy

Hello Chicken - dukkojji

I’m so glad that this korean food delicacy is taking more presence in Atlanta.  It’s a bit of a drive for me being about 25min drive but I’m definitely looking forward to coming back.  In summary:

  • Sweet Spicy Chicken: ***.85 (3.85 stars)
  • Soy Garlic: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • regular fried chicken: ***.85 (3.85 stars)
  • dukkoji: ***.65 (3.65 stars)

Check them out here:

5295 Buford Hwy Ne
Doraville, GA 30340



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