Growing Southern Biscuits at Home

HomeGrown: Decatur, GA, USA

I would consider HomeGrown one of the best southern brunch/breakfast places in Atlanta, hands down. It’s really difficult for me to describe what I think is “southern” but having lived elsewhere for multiple years – the midwest, the northeast, the midAtlantic, and the west coast, this by far would probably capture what I would describe to my non-southern friends. Known for their biscuits, I ordered two things: the open-faced chicken biscuit, slathered with gravy and egg followed with one of my favorite southern staples: fried okra.

Open-faced Chicken Biscuit and Gravy
– generous portion of gravy: huge topping, super rich, super traditional to the point of clogging your arteries
– HUGE portion: it will fill a heavy eater hands down
– chicken was not dry
– breading on the chicken was well balanced, even flavors
– very heavy, almost too heavy. It’s very southern but I would probably want to throw on a tomato just to break up the heaviness.

Homegrown - openfaced chicken biscuit with egg

Fried Okra
– shareable: definitely good amount of okra
– good flavors in the breading, crispy and came out hot.
– heavy on the breading, can’t tell much if there’s vegetable.

Homegrown - fried okra

I would definitely come again though. It’s hard to find a good biscuit and that gravy. It’s also not that difficult for me to ask for lettuce or tomato to put on top of the open-faced chicken biscuit.  In summary:

  • open faced chicken biscuit with gravy: ***.85 (3.85 stars)
  • fried okra: ***.75 (3.75 stars)

Could I eat this every weekend? Probably not, but I’m generally a pretty light eater, frequent but light. It’s worth the wait for sure. Go hungry or go after a workout, you’ll definitely kill whatever you order!  You can find them here in Decatur (address below).  Parking is definitely a bit difficult but drive around and park somewhere on the side!

412 Church St
Decatur, GA 30030


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