An Atlantan Returns Home: Malaysian Food Revisited

Food Terminal: Doraville (Atlanta), GA, USA

It’s been awhile since I have lived here back in Atlanta even though it’s my hometown. But since moving back there, I was able to finally begin exploring the huge food scene that has since exploded when I left three years ago. One of those places that I had mentally bookmarked was Food Terminal. Having roots in Singapore and Malaysia, the authenticity of their local cuisine here in the US is really important to me. I’ll first go into the pros and cons of Food Terminal as an establishment and then start going into the food we ordered.

– good variety: their menu is huge. You will probably be able to please most people and selection is key.
– self-selection (fill out by pencil/pen) order form is useful in that you are in charge of what you order. (also a con in and of itself)
– spacious seating: it’s a fairly large building

– service is hit or miss: we’ve been here three times and 2/3 times we had different servers or we had to flag down a server because our initial server just stopped coming to our table. We had to ask for more water as well.
– the self-selection menu is a bit intimidating to fill out because the menu is so large and there is a chance that the customer may not order the right thing because there are no pictures on the order form.

Foodwise, it’s definitely good, but it’s not great. The malaysian food is also not as good as I expected it to be, especially compared to another Malaysian restaurant nearby. It’s definitely not bad though.

Hainanese Chicken Rice:
– good quantity
– chicken was cooked all the way through for most pieces: no bleeding
– the sauce was not quite right: I’m missing the dark black THICK soy sauce that it comes with and this is served with the runny sweeter soy version underneath the chicken.
– could use more cucumbers

Food Terminal - chicken rice

Yong Tau Foo (Stuffed tofu with shrimp paste) and Tossed Noodles:
– not overly salty or over-dressed: the noodles had just the right amount of dressing to toss yourself
– not the most amount of yong tau foo (stuffed tofu) that I’ve seen
– broth was a bit on the saltier end, not sure if this place is MSG but I was ridiculously thirsty.

Food Terminal - yong dau fu

Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken
– good amount of curry chicken for the dish: more than what you would get if this was really street-bought in Malaysia
– balanced between the anchovies, curry chicken, rice, and cucumbers.
– the fried egg was a nice touch: usually they have sliced hard-boiled eggs back in the motherland.
I can’t remember if they used coconut rice which is how you normally would get it or if they just used such a scant amount that it’s barely noticeable. But this by far was my favorite.

Food Terminal - nasi lemak with curry chicken

I wouldn’t NOT come here but I can’t say that it would be my first choice to settle a craving for Malaysian food. The variety is really nice though.  I’d say in general though, as I’ve eaten here on several occasions, the food would in summary be a good 3.65 stars.  Nothing significantly more.  You can find them here off Buford Highway next to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market:

5000 Buford Hwy NE
Ste B201
Chamblee, GA 30341

Always worth trying out a new spot!  Looking forward to writing more about my hometown now that I’m back!


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