An Atlantan in the Bay: An Aloha Farewell

Liholiho Yacht Club: Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA, USA

I booked this as my last dinner in the Bay with my closest friends before I moved back to the east coast. One of the things that I wanted to do was eat here after hearing so many good things about this place. Unfortunately, I didn’t book the Ohana table far enough in advance so I could only get it for a weekday. (Record: you have to check the availability for this option at least 3 months in advance, sometimes longer).

The Ohana table is basically a fixe prix menu that is selected for your table. You have to have at minimum 8 people but 10 people is pushing it in terms of portions to share. Everything is served family style and is Hawaiian-fusion style. One of the little things I loved is that they allow you to name your event/table so it has a little personalized touch to it.

Drinks: extensive (and I’m not joking about this) wine and hard alcohol list. They even have my favorite(s): Japanese whiskey.

Things that we tried:

Furikake Popcorn (For the table)
– great flavoring, it’s a simple dish that everyone kept munching on.
– nice twist on the fusion between popcorn and asian seasoning
– large quantity, two bowls per table

Liholiho - furikake popcorn

Tuna poke with seasoning on nori cracker
– poke was on point: not over seasoned at all
– super fresh seafood
– served/garnished with greens
– none

Liholiho - tuna poke on nori crisp

Fried oyster with beef carpaccio on lettuce with 1000 island
– very flavorful
– nice balance between surf and turf that was poppable in the mouth
– variety of textures between the carpaccio and the crispiness of the fried oyster
– none

Liholiho - seared tuna lettuce wraps

Duck liver toast with pickled pineapple on toast
– i love liver so this duck pate was great
– nice contrast between the savoriness of the pate and the sweet-tartness of the pickled pineapple
– pineapple could be a little sweeter and less pickled (personal preference though)

Salad: heirloom tomatoes, beets, shiso ranch, broccoli and furikake
– very healthy, clean tasting
– refreshing especially after the pate
– none

Marinated squid, crispy tripe, watermelon, red cabbage, peanuts
– great quantity and mesh of ingredients
– very interesting balance of textures: you the juicy mesh of watermelon, crunchiness of peanuts and crispy tripe, freshness of cabbage – fantastic
– nice flavoring with the seasoning/dressing (probably one of my favorites, I couldn’t stop eating the peanuts)

Manila clams in coconut curry
– very flavorful, but curry was also not overwhelming
– good amount to share
– good idea to come with naan: perfect to soak up the sauce
– none

Liholiho - curry mussels

Cornish game hen katsu: served with Japanese curry, crimini mushrooms, chinese eggplant and kimchi
– huge portion: definitely shareable, we actually couldn’t finish it all
– flavorful, not bland
– chicken was not dry
– I’ve had better fried chicken before
– the kimchi was not quite the best accompaniment that I’ve had with Japanese curry. My korean friends tend to prefer either a sweeter pickle, like the yellow daikon you see in sushi or the bread-and-butter pickles you get out of the jar at the grocery store.

Grilled Short Ribs: served with kimchi pineapple glaze, miso butter zucchini
– meat was so tender, it fell apart in my mouth
– great glaze: not too sweet, not too much to overwhelm the flavor of “meat”
– miso butter anything is amazing, goes well with zucchini which usually goes well with steak or beef as well.
– none

Liholiho - braised short rib

Coconut butter mochi (dessert)
– a much more “Asian” type of dessert, especially given that it’s mochi and much less sweet than the other dessert.
– good for diabetics or people who do not have a sweet tooth (I could have eaten two plates of these as snacks haha.
– none

Banana Bavarian Cream pie: served with apricot brown butter and Biscoff crumbs
– easier to share (by scooping portions out)
– rich and creamy, very typical dessert for you sweet toothed people out there
– a bit too rich for me (but this is mostly preference)
– I would definitely eat this AFTER the mochi otherwise it renders the mochi dessert rather tasteless.

Service was on point. It was exactly what you get when you order a fixe prix dinner. Everyone was super attentive, and it was the best way to end my time in the Bay with my closest friends. I would love to come back as a regular patron.  You can find them here in Nob Hill.  It was literally one block from my old apartment, and I really miss the Bay for that.  Hope you get to eat here at least once because it’s totally worth it.

871 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94109

b/t Jones St & Leavenworth St 
Lower Nob Hill


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