An Atlantan In The Bay: Matcha Parfait Time

Matcha Maiko Cafe: Japantown (Japan Peace Plaza), San Francisco, CA, USA

This cafe is one of the best matcha cafes that I have found in the USA. Strictly devoted to everything matcha, their menu is pretty extensive. They even go into the different types of toppings and different menu items as well. There is always a line which shows how great this place is, but it moves really fast. The portion is pretty big and well worth the price that you pay for, especially if you love matcha like I do!

Matcha Maiko Special (parfait): pure matcha soft serve ice-cream with matcha chiffon cake, shiratama mochi, and boiled chestnuts
– huge quantity as mentioned before, definitely shareable especially if this is meant to be a “snack”
– diverse amount of toppings
– mochi is pretty large (not like the small square kinds), not powdered, super soft
– chestnut (just one) is nice and soft, not overly sweet
– chiffon cake: slightly on the drier end, but still not overly sweet and there’s ice-cream on top anyway so it makes up for that. Great when it comes to varying the textures in this.

– I would personally also if not substitute matcha jelly instead of the chiffon cake. It’s one of the things that I love about the traditional matcha parfaits in Japan. You can add it I believe as an extra-topping but it’s not part of the normal special parfait.

Matcha Maiko Cafe - Maiko Special

This is one of my favorite places to get desserts when I was living in SF. Good thing it was only a 20min brisk walk for me. Definitely worth the wait!  You can find them here:

1581 Webster St
San Francisco, CA 94115

b/t Post St & Geary Blvd 
Japantown, Lower Pacific Heights



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