An Atlantan in the Bay: Deep Dish Outside of Chicago

Patxi’s Pizza: Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA, USA

It’s a bit difficult to write a good review about deep dish pizza having spent 9 years in the midwest where Chicago is the closest major city worth driving to. That being said, I definitely always give each deep dish pizza establishment a try. One of my friends really wanted to try this so we went here for lunch. At first I was pretty excited to see that we could get a slice of deep dish. However you can only get two flavors with a slice: cheese, and pepperoni. The reason is that it is pre-made. Not the biggest fan of this to be honest. I get it from a production standpoint and it definitely makes sense, but it just takes away from the thrill of being able to order what I would think would be a deluxe slice of deep dish. Things we tried:

Thin crust slice of pepperoni
– good amount of cheese
– comes out piping hot

– like the deep dish, if it’s per slice, it’s only cheese or pepperoni

Patxi's - slice of thin crust pizza

House Salad
– nicely dressed, not drenched in dressing
– Point Reyes Cheese: you may laugh but the one day trip I took to point reyes, I had some of the best cheese ever in California on that day. This totally makes the salad.

– could use more tomatoes or other “salad toppings”

Patxi's - House salad with point reyes cheese

Deep dish cheese (slice):
– it’s deep alright
– good amount of cheese
– came out hot

– only cheese or pepperoni. Not a true “deep dish” IMO, at least not by the slice.

Patxi's - deep dish (slice)

It’s hard to judge honestly because one of the perks of eating deep dish pizza is having all the different ingredients. It really is like a savory italian pie. Personally, I don’t quite like just pie with tomato sauce, as much as I like cheese, it would have to be a mesh of different cheeses. That being said, I would probably have to try this place again but with friends so that we could actually get one of their full deep dish pies. Or go to Chicago. In summary:

  • thin slice, pepperoni: ***.45 (3.45 stars)
  • house salad: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • deep dish, cheese: ***.65 (3.65 stars)

You can find them here in Hayes Valley:

511 Hayes St
San Francisco, CA 94102

b/t Octavia St & Laguna St 
Hayes Valley


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