An Atlanta in the Bay: On the Search for Korean BBQ

K-Elements BBQ: Outer Richmond, San Francisco, CA, USA

It’s pretty hard to find good korean barbecue in the Bay, especially having lived in both NYC and Atlanta as well as visiting Los Angeles. However, thankfully we found K-Elements through a few friends who are local Koreans, born and raised in the Bay. One of the things that I appreciate is AYCE bbq. As there are a lot of photos, I’ll go ahead and just list out the pros and cons.

– AYCE BBQ: but don’t over order and waste food!
– good selection of meats
– very wide selection of pan-chan (side dishes)
– If you go right when they open, there isn’t too bad of a wait.

– meat was THIN sliced: that’s how they get you. This does NOT work for sangyupsal (pork belly).
– service got a little bit slower but it wasn’t entirely bad.

I would still come here since I’m not the biggest fan of pork belly anyway. I much prefer the beef brisket. They also had other options such as beef tongue among others. I think the AYCE lunch option is cheaper and more of a steal than dinner is. All in all, beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to korean bbq in the Bay.  In summary I’d give the whole experience about 3.75 stars.  You can find them here:

140 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94121

b/t 22nd Ave & 23rd Ave 
Outer Richmond


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