An Atlantan in the Bay: Rainbows In My Coffee

Home: Sunset district, San Francisco, CA, USA

We came here after dim sum on a weekend, and fully expected this place to be packed. Service was very quick though and we were even able to get a small seating area in the front. We ordered two things: fresh coconut (out of the husk) and the rainbow latte. The fresh coconut was pretty standard but the rainbow latte was something pretty unique.

Rainbow Latte
– came out quick
– great decoration of color: definitely a work of art
– tasted great, was not too hot and not too cold (well balanced)
– balanced in terms of steamed milk to expresso

– none

Home - rainbow latte

I would definitely come here again. It would be nice to study here if it wasn’t a weekend – I can see this place being extremely popular!  They do have two locations: one in the Richmond and one in the Sunset.  See which one you prefer or whichever is closer to you.  Overall I’d give the rainbow latte 3.65 stars.  You can find them here in the outer Sunset area:

1222 Noriega St
San Francisco, CA 94122

b/t 19th Ave & 20th Ave 
Outer Sunset


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