An Atlantan In the Bay: Dim Sum Haven

Dragon Beaux: The Richmond district, San Francisco, CA, USA

I would consider this the best place for dim sum in San Francisco. There is always a wait on the weekends, but if you can wake up early enough, it normally isn’t more than thirty minutes. I like how you can peruse the menu and make your selections in advance to expedite your service. It’s smart to not over order as you can always add more if you are still hungry.

It’s typical for dim sum to order many dishes so I will just go over the general basics: everything came out hot and well seasoned. There wasn’t anything that was cold. Things to note:
– their congee comes out in a huge bowl versus small individual sized bowls so be prepared to share: their dried scallop version is BOMB.
– they do have other things on their menu that you can order as well
– their purple sweet potato/taro bun is AMAZING: I haven’t found this at any other dim sum restaurant, even those in other cities like New York and Atlanta. It came out super hot and just a thin layer of crispiness but fluffiness that makes for a typical bao. The filling was generous and not super sweet.
duck pancake: similar to a peking duck pancake — this is your multi-layer chinese pancake but rolled around chinese roast duck. It is packed full of flavors and definitely something that is a must-order.
– their soup dumplings are not the standard soup dumplings that you would get but they are very delicious: this is if you order their “five flavors” soup dumplings.

Dragon Beaux - taro bun

purple sweet potato bun

Dragon Beaux - duck pancake

duck pancake

We’ve definitely come here a couple times in addition to one or two other places in San Francisco. Living about a twenty minute walk from Chinatown, it would be much easier to go there to grab dim sum but having had food poisoning there, I’d rather take the bus for 30 minutes and have some ridiculous good dim sum here at Dragon Beaux instead.  You can find them here:

5700 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121

b/t 21st Ave & 22nd Ave 
Outer Richmond

Definitely go, it’s worth the wait!


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