An Atlantan Visits the Island: Real Local

Ono Seafoods: Honolulu, HI, USA

This was the first stop that my sister and I made on our first trip back to Honolulu since she was 3 and I was 5. We are both avid, non-picky eaters and we wanted to try all of the Hawaiian local foods. We ordered the combo platter to split between the two of us as it gave us all the variety of local foods to eat:

haupia pie
– poi
– kahlua pork
– purple sweet potato
– pulled chicken
– tako (octopus) poke
– tuna ceviche

– great way to try everything
– small quantities of everything that will give a lot of variety

– this will not fill you up if you are starving (which we weren’t)
– not all dishes will be to your liking: the purpose of us ordering this was to try as much local Hawaiian food as possible

Things to Note (given the amount of things tried):
– poi can come in fresh or fermented form: I didn’t even realize this until I had asked my friend about why our poi tasted so sour and he explained that it doesn’t go bad, but essentially can ferment and still be edible. We had the option of getting white rice but we wanted to try poi. The fermented form is not…that great haha.
– the kahlua pork was pretty dry. I haven’t had this elsewhere though so it would be something I would definitely try again to see if it really is the style of making this dish.
– chicken was amazing: super soft and melted in my mouth.
– tako poke was equally amazing, not over seasoned and very tender pieces.

I would definitely come back early and wait to try their normal poke as it has the reputation of being like seafood butter. Unfortunately, when your flight arrives in super late, we are limited to the food that is left in the kitchen for the day.  You can find them here:

747 Kapahulu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816



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