An Atlantan in the Bay: Thai Time

Kin Khao: Union Square, San Francisco, CA, USA

I met a friend that I hadn’t seen in almost eight years here as she had wanted to try it for awhile. Many people have told me that SF has pretty good Thai food, but I have yet to try anything amazing in this city so I came here with guarded expectations. The atmosphere at Kin Khao is really nice: the decor is modern and lighting is really great (for food pictures and conversation). We were seated very quickly but had also made a reservation. Things we tried:

Papaya Salad
– great quantity: huge plate and definitely shareable
– fresh, definitely did not have that sat-in-the-fridge feel or flavor
– healthy for sure
– a tad bit salty. I’ve had TART papaya salad, mostly because it’s green and unripe papaya that is being used but this was really heavy handed with the salt content. Either it’s too much fish-sauce or salt.

Kin Khao - papaya salad

Pad Khao
– not super greasy: sometimes the noodles end up sitting in a puddle of grease
– not overly salty! Sometimes there is too much soy sauce or salt or sauce of whatever kind they use but this was a really nice balance

– noodles were slightly overcooked and borderline mushy

Kin Khao - pad khao noodles

Chicken Rice:
– definitely shareable, good quantity of chicken and rice
– it’s not Hainanese chicken rice (so don’t go into it thinking that’s what it is because the sauce will disappoint you), but the chicken was well done and came out warm (for those of you who were wondering if it was cold chicken.

– the chicken fat in the rice wasn’t really there, tasted more like chicken stock rice.

Kin Khao - chicken rice

It’s not super amazing, and I’ve definitely had better in New York and Atlanta, but it’s not bad either. There are a few things I feel like I would still like to try. For the price, I’m not sure if I would go back though. Still, always worth a shot to try!  You can find them here just south of Union Square in San Francisco:

55 Cyril Magnin St
San Francisco, CA 94102

b/t Hallidie Plz & Eddy St 
Union Square


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