An Atlantan In the Bay: South Bing Soo

Honeyberry: Santa Clara, CA, USA

We came here after a two hours of eating kbbq in San Jose with a group of 8 because we wanted something sweet but light. It’s super hard to get this sort of thing in San Francisco so all of us were making the full moment out of it. Split amongst us was the three korean shaved ice desserts: matcha, fruits, and the grains cereal shaved ice (I know the last one sounds weird but it’s really hearty and yet sweet but light).

Fruits Shaved Ice:
– huge quantity, definitely shareable
– good amount of fruits
– not too sweet with the ice-cream and syrup

– not for those who do not have a sweet tooth: I know it’s dessert, but there are some of us who aren’t as into sweets as much.

Honeyberry - fruits shaved ice

Matcha Shaved Ice:
– huge quantity again
– very generous with the matcha: you definitely get the full flavor so if you’re not into the bitterness of matcha this might not suit you. It goes really well with the sweetness of the matcha ice-cream and the red beans.
– well balanced: I cook a lot and so balance along with complementary flavors are really big with me. I definitely loved this one because of the balance between bitter (and it’s a mild one) and sweet.

– none

Honeyberry - matcha shaved ice

Grains Cereal Shaved Ice: This may sound weird, but if you’re Asian, you would be more familiar with this as it comes in a hot drink form. There’s an earthy sweetness to this that really goes well with shaved ice.
– quantity is on point. Cannot go wrong with this.
– good flavor: that earthiness goes well with the sweetness of the red bean. It’s not super sweet either.

– would definitely like a bit more “stuffs” to this dessert.

Honeyberry - cereal shaved ice

I would definitely come here. The service was really good even though the place was a bit small. Thankfully we came here a bit after the dinner hour since we were at kbbq for so long. The server even offered to keep the red beans on the side as he said some people don’t like red beans. They also have water on the side as well which is great because sometimes we all need an H20 refresher chaser. I’d definitely come back for sure.  All in all a summary:

  • fruits shaved ice: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • matcha shaved ice: ***.85(3.85 stars)
  • grains cereal shaved ice: ***.85 (3.85 stars)

You can find them here just south of the Bay:

3488 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95051

This is totally worth the drive from SF, especially after two hours of AYCE korean bbq!


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