An Atlantan In the Bay: Bo Bo Bo Bun Hue

Mong Thu: Little Saigon, San Francisco, CA 

Coming from ATL, we have a really large Vietnamese population there. The food there is not only cheap, but it’s huge quantity and great flavors. I’ve also had pho and banh mi down in LA each time I’ve visited, so I was very excited to find out that I live very close to Little Saigon here in SF when I moved out earlier last fall.

One of my first friends, Vietnamese and from OC originally, took me here and said it was one of the better if not the best place to eat here. He likes it so much that he tries to come once a week to get his craving fix. I’ve already been here three times I believe with him. One of the things that I tried here was bo bun hue.

Bo Bun Hue
– good quantity, definitely filling and if you’re a light eater, you can get a container to-go.
– not overly salty like some places, good balance of flavor
– good balance between the meat, noodles, soup, and the other additional add-on vegetables.
– could come out a little sooner but we were seated by the door and so my dish may have cooled faster.

Mong Thu - bo bun hue

Service is good, but the place is small. It’s worth waiting for, and to be polite, don’t take your time sitting there to chit-chat after your meal. They do also make banh mi sandwiches which I have yet to try. As I’ve already been here multiple times, it’s safe to say that I will come again.  You can find them here:

248 Hyde St
San Francisco, CA 94102

b/t Turk St & Eddy St 
Tenderloin (don’t be scared!)


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