An Atlantan In the Bay: Ramen Ramen Time

Marufuku Ramen: Japantown, San Francisco, CA, USA

This place has probably the best ramen in SF, and I live one block above Mensho, also pretty good.  My friend actually recommended this place or I would never have known about it. The wait was fairly long, approximately 40-45 minutes for us. We were also almost last on the list if not dead last on the list even though there were other parties who came after us. It may have to do with seating space as we were a party of 4 and the others were a party of 2 so it would have been easier to seat.

I got the regular tonkatsu ramen and customized it with corn and a few other toppings that I wanted. It’s going to vary by taste but that’s what makes this pretty awesome.

Tonkatsu Ramen (amplified):
– great broth: not overly salty, not overly thick either so you don’t get ridiculously full off the liquid, not super oily
– good selection of additional toppings but as with most ramen places, this can usually up your bill
– cha siu pork was not dry, nice thick cut
– ramen was not soggy or overcooked.
– generous with ingredients: I can’t stand large bowls, too much soup and noodle but the toppings have clearly been skimped out on.

none — I will have to say, for those of you who are large eaters, one bowl will keep you comfortable but probably not full. I don’t see this as a con because well, health. ALSO, for eating purposes, it allows you to share the appetizers amongst the rest of the table (or get your own if you really wanted to try any one particular one).

Marufuku Ramen - tonkatsu ramen

In summary:

  • tonkatsu ramen (amplified): **** (4 stars)

Definitely worth it and definitely coming back again.  You can find them in the the Japantown Center, a few doors down from Mugizo Udon:

Japan Center

1581 Webster St
Ste 235
San Francisco, CA 94115

b/t Post St & Geary Blvd 
Lower Pacific Heights, Japantown

I highly highly recommend!


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