An Atlantan In The Bay: Mission Beer

The Crafty Fox: Mission, San Francisco, CA, USA

We came here to celebrate my officemate’s birthday after work, and being that we were starving, I was super grateful to see some pretty appetizing small plates on the menu. It wasn’t too crowded for a weekday, even with the Happy Hour crowd, and not difficult to get to either. We shared the mac-n-cheese as well as the seared octopus plate.

Mac N’ Cheese:
– good quantity to share, at least two if not three people with other small plates
– came out in a small iron skillet: this is honestly one of the best ways to serve cheesy mac, it keeps it ridiculously hot for consumption. Nobody likes cold gloopy mac right?

– could have a bit more cheesy flavor. It was good but it wasn’t something amazing that I would distinctly remember.

Seared Octopus:
– great quantity to share for sure but you might have to get two orders given how delicious it was
– not overcooked, tender and soft in the mouth
– good flavors: not overly salted or overseasoned

– I didn’t quite care so much for the puree or the garnish. If it’s octopus, I’ll go straight for the quality of the seafood. However, I can’t say that it wasn’t good. It wasn’t remarkable for me to remember it though.

Crafty Fox - seared octopus

I’d definitely come back. Unfortunately, I’m not a beer aficionado so I can’t comment on the selection other than they had a nice large selection. Most beers appear to be local-brewed which is always an appeal for me when I do drink beer. I’m always an advocate for people to go local, branch out a bit! In summary:

  • mac n’ cheese: ***.65 (3.65 stars)
  • seared octopus: ***.85 (3.85 stars)

You can find them here near the overpass in the Mission district of SF:

1700 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103

b/t 13th St & Otis St 

Thanks for reading!


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