An Atlantan in the Bay: Burma Superstar

Burma Superstar: the Richmond, San Francisco, CA, USA

After six months of moving to SF, I heard all great things about this place and was finally able to get out of work on time where I could come and wait in line to eat here.  I have to admit, places with lines make me very wary, especially because it ultimately and indirectly raises my expectations.  However, Burma Superstar did not disappoint.  Shared among three friends, we all got to try the following:

  • tea leaf salad
  • superstar vegetarian noodles
  • beef curry
  • seared pork belly

Tea Leaf Salad: seven different ingredients, including fermented tea leaves.  The server will explain the dish and mix it all for you in addition to serving portions.
– large quantity and shareable, everything here is really best eaten family style
– well balanced flavor, nothing too overwhelming
– refreshing
– nothing that was amazingly outstanding.  It was good, but definitely not the most memorable among the dishes we ordered.

Burma Superstar - tea leaf salad

Superstar vegetarian Noodles: cold noodles guys! Peanut based sauce makes this very similar to the Chinese-style cold peanut noodles.
– also large quantity, shareable
– light, evenly dressed
– well balanced flavor: this comes with not having too much dressing but also equal parts of ingredients that compose the dish
– none

Burma Superstar - Superstar Vegetarian noodles

Beef Curry: much milder than Malaysian, Thai, or Indian curries, but still flavorful.
– nice quantity, not as large as the other ones but still shareable for everyone to try at lest one piece.
– not super oily like some curries can be
– Good amount of sauce
– would be nice to have a slightly larger portion to make it more shareable.  Not too much of a con as it will allow you to get a few other dishes to share.

Burma Superstar - beef curry

Seared Pork Belly:
– good quantity to share
– well balanced in regards to ingredients
– nothing that stands out specifically.  The flavors were good but it wasn’t overly amazing.

Burma Superstar - seared pork belly

Service was very good, very attentive staff.  They will not seat you unless your entire party is there, even if you get there in line before opening.  It is a bit windy out in this part of San Francisco so layer up.  Would I come again? Most definitely.  You can find them here:

309 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94118

b/t 5th Ave & 4th Ave 
Inner Richmond

It’s worth the wait in line guys!


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