An Atlantan in the Bay: Korean-Mexican Fusion

HRD: SOMA, San Francisco, CA

Came here with my coworker for a quick meal before we headed out for drinks on a Friday night.  Have to admit, big thanks to Yelp for finding us this place.  For one, I do like good Korean food (which is hard to find in SF).  Second, I also like as close to authentic Mexican food as possible (hard to find back on the East Coast which is where I hailed from 3 months ago).  We split two of their most popular (or recommended things):  the spicy pork burrito and the breaded oyster curry plate. #mindblown

Spicy Pork Burrito (non-smothered)
– great quantity: definitely filling, shareable only if you are splitting some thing else on the menu
– good flavor: meat was not over seasoned
– well balanced: one ingredient did not outweigh or overpower the other
– very filling!
– not incredibly messy which was what I expected
– very generous with the fillings – this is KEY.  I don’t like a burrito that is 60% rice and nothing else but.  Stinginess is nobody’s friend but this place really packs the tortilla! Thank you!

HRD - spicy pork burrito
– (not really a con) but if you’re looking for something light and small, this place is not it unless you are with four friends and wanted to split say ONE burrito.

Breaded Oyster Curry Plate
– good amount of fried oysters on the plate.
– definitely worth sharing if just to try different things on the menu
– nice balance of heavy-carb things like rice and fried oyster batter with the slaw.  It freshens up the dish so you can eat even more fried and heavy things!

CONS: none really.

HRD - breaded oyster curry plate

All in all a quick summary:

  • spicy pork burrito: ***.85 (3.85 stars)
  • breaded oyster curry plate: ***.75 (3.75 stars)

If you wanted to try HRD, you can find them below:

521A 3rd St
San Francisco, CA 94107

b/t Taber Aly & Park Ave 
South Beach

Thanks for being such awesome readers.  It’s been insane at my new job here in SF for the past month or so, and the blog has definitely taken a toll (as well as my workout life).  Hopefully there will be a good re-set over Christmas, and we will have more fun places to eat and blog about the next go round.  Keep posted for more entries!


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