An Atlanta in the Bay: Tsukemen Time!

Iza Ramen: SOMA, San Francisco, CA, USA

This is a bit tough because I’m comparing the tsukemen here to that of Totto Ramen in New York. However, in comparison to ramen noodles here in San Francisco, it’s really not all that bad. My friend and I both ordered the tonkatsu tsukemen and split a takoyaki appetizer. We also tried the tuna poke chips as well:

– nice crispy outside
– good quantity
– not overly dressed with mayo
– not enough tako (or octopus).

Iza Ramen - takoyaki

Tuna poke chips:
– really tasty!
– went well with the deep fried (what appear to be) wonton skins
– not overly salty like a lot of real poke can sometimes be
– none

– good quantity
– nice balanced flavor, but not as rich as those in New York city
– good quantity of noodles
– you can also order more things like…CORN!
– could have more “stuffs” like bamboo or burdock as part of the actual dipping sauce.

Iza Ramen - Tsukemen

It was pretty good for SF. I’m not sure if there are other places that serve tsukemen, but if so I’m looking forward to trying them out.  In comparing it to Totto Ramen, this place doesn’t even come close.  The broth at Totto is way thicker and richer, probably from boiling the soup for 5-6 hours as I’ve seen with my very own eyes.  There is a huge stick holding a big bag of bones and meat! I’ve been told that Sujita in Los Angeles is the best place for Tsukemen – hopefully I can try that out sometime this year!  Until then, this is going to have to do for my tsukemen fix.  You can find Iza Ramen here:

1155 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94103

b/t Rausch St & Hallam St 

Happy eating!


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