An Atlantan in the Bay: Vegan Pho (Yes I know)

Golden Era Vegan RestaurantCivic Center, San Francisco, CA, USA

I took my mum here when we were in SF looking for my new apartment. Truth be told, we were exhausted from all the traveling and moving: all we wanted was a good bowl of pho. There isn’t any great pho in NYC and even though I was going back to Atlanta in a few days, we just wanted a good bowl of noodle soup. In addition, we had both gotten food poisoning from other establishments in SF so we wanted to try and stay “healthy” by doing something more vegetarian and lighter on the stomach. At first I was really hesitant, especially since pho, in origin, is meat-based.  However, my belief is that you always have to give everything a shot (everything that won’t kill you anyway).  Things that we ate included:

House (combination) Pho
– actually tastes pretty good for vegan broth! Not overwhelmingly meaty or greasy due to no meat products as well and well balanced in terms of savoriness.
– light
– good portion of soup to noodle ratio
– vegan “meat” was not too bad: you have to have eaten this at some point in your life though because I think it can throw off some meat eaters. Thankfully, my Buddhist friends have introduced me to plenty of vegan/gluten meat imitation products so this was no problem for me.

– definitely not as much of the “stuffs” that a good bowl of pho should get. There’s not as much filling that’s supposed to accompany the noodle and the soup. It’s not real meat even, you can afford to be a bit more generous eh?

Golden Era Vegan - pho

Vegan Spring Rolls
– fantastic quantity – this will definitely fill you up (for a very short time)
– I like the generous cut of tofu inside: this makes up for not having shrimp or meat

– for a vegan spring roll, I guess you can’t really go wrong here.

Golden Era Vegan - spring rolls

I honestly don’t know if I would come back. I suppose if I had a friend who was vegetarian or vegan then I would, but by myself, I’d probably seek out an authentic meat-based pho establishment. The service was pretty good and there was nice natural lighting if you could get a booth by the window.  You can find them here:

395 Golden Gate Ave
San Francisco, CA 94102

at Larkin St 

Don’t knock it ’til you try it yea?


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