An Atlantan in New York: Purist Sushi

15 East: Union Square, Manhattan, NY, New York, USA

I booked this for my birthday celebration and was trying to coordinate a seven-people party reservation at the bar for omakase.  The reason I took off one to two stars was the headaches that came for me and my friends who flew in from California and Georgia just to try and eat here.  First, they limit each person to only two or three parties.  I understand that should there be a cancellation, there is the concern for a huge hit and then a potentially empty bar.  However, you make up for that with the CREDIT CARD that you have on file!  The worst was that they require a GOOGLE DOC be filled out to RESERVE your spot at the bar and this requires that you are fully confident in their skills.  For one, they NEVER sent me the form because they sent it to the wrong email address.  They also DO NOT VERIFY if the email was received and just say, “you will be receiving an email, please send it back to reserve your spot” — what is the point of calling if I have to submit something online?  And the worst was that three of my friends could not even sit at the bar because they never got the form either! The only reason I managed to secure my reservation was because they called me to see why I never sent the form!

I honestly … I am so torn in how to grade this review.  The sushi itself was really great, but the havoc and the stress that came with trying to just EAT the food really deadened my appetite.  It was for my BIRTHDAY for crying out loud and it just broke my heart that people from so far away were standing at the window while we were at the bar waiting to be seated at a table…a last minute table.  The only saving grace was that the restaurant obliged them into having the omakase served at their table.  However, my friend said the lighting was so dim in the restaurant that they could barely see the beauty in the plating.  15 East - amberjack

15 East - fried shrimp head

15 East - salmon

15 East - scallop

15 East - shrimp

15 East - uni

15 East - yellowjack
Food and tastes can only go so far, especially when plating and service are a huge component in the food industry as well.  I may or may not come back as good as the sushi was.  We will have to see.  I’ve added some of the photos above that were taken of each dish just to show you how beautiful the dishes were that my friends couldn’t even see.  I honestly hope that you have a much better experience than I did.  Hopefully this article will help you facilitate a seat at the bar much better than I got.  You can find them here just off the 14th-street/Union Square MTA stop:

15 E 15th St
New York, NY 10003


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