An Atlantan in New York: Korean Records

Turn Table 5060: East Village, Manhattan, NY, New York, USA

We came here a lot after church for lunch as a group and I have to admit, I’ve been here a few times and it’s definitely hit or miss. However, it’s never been with the food, only the service. I’m going to list the dishes that we had and review the food first, then I will go ahead and highlight the service at the end of the post. Things that I’ve tried over multiple visits include:
– calamari
– korean chicken wings
– meatball
– kimchee fried rice.

The only thing that was really ordered on its own were the meatball and the calamari as they were appetizers shared among the table. I highly recommend that if you go to TurnTable, you get their lunch bento box. It’s a great proportion of food for the cost, this being hard to find in NYC.

– good quantity
– crispy but not overly seasoned batter
– squid was not overcooked but relatively tender
CONS: none

Turntable - calamari

Korean Chicken Wings: almost close to Bonchon – I’d have to do a side-by-side comparison
– nicely seasoned
– consistently crispy batter on the outside allowing the sauce to be picked up fairly easily
– good quantity
CONS: none

Turntable - wings

Kimchee Fried Rice
– nice blend of the fried rice components – was not skimpy on one select one or the other.
– not overly greasy even though it came in a cast-iron skillet
– nothing really to write home about but the egg was a little overcooked. I liked my egg to be a little bit more on the runny side

Turntable - Kimchee Fried Rice

– large quantity of meatballs
– no flavor
– not distinguishable, standard meatballs in sauce

Turntable - meatballs

Truth be told, I would eat all things except for the meatballs. That’s just…not that great. The meat wasn’t packing a punch, it was actually kind of dry even with the sauce. However, the same can be said about the service. Everyone was really polite, but for both times I was there, it took forever to get the food out. And we were about a party of twenty — this didn’t even fill up the entire restaurant! I can’t imagine what a lunch or dinner rush would be. One time, my food came out so late that I had to ask them to pack it to go. By the time the to-go meal was ready, my friends had already paid for their checks!

Would I come here again? Sure, but only if someone else wanted to eat here and only if it was out of sheer convenience. The restaurant/food industry world in NYC is hard and difficult, but if you can’t even manage the basics of service during a non-rush hour, it’s hard for me to rate you purely on the food, especially when there are so many other places with just as good if not better food and way better service.  You can find them in the East Village down in Lower Manhattan here:

235 E 4th St, New York, NY 10009

Hopefully you’ll have better service experience than we did!


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