An Atlantan in New York: Southern Boil

The Boil: Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NY, New York

I came to this place on recommendation by two friends of mine.  Coming from the south, I’m pretty wary when it comes to southern or cajun fare, but I’m always up for a new restaurant.  This place works similarly to The Boiling Crab out in California.  You order your choice of seafood by the pound so price will vary based on the seafood that you get.  To be honest, it’s not worth getting crawfish because you end up paying more for the shell than you do any meat.  My go-to is snow crab but king crab is definitely good too.  Shrimp is also a safe bet because of the meat-to-shell ratio.  Unfortunately, corn is not included in the bag and comes as a side order, but it is so worth it only because I like corn.

We decided to go with the cajun and garlic butter for two bags.  Both were really good.  The only thing that I am still not a fan of is the fact that they put boiling hot water into what I feel are like really cheap plastic bags.  The sauces though are pretty on point.

For NYC, this is really not that bad.  It’s hard to be picky when it’s far from home.  In that sense, beggars can’t be choosers.  The wait was really short, but we also went relatively early on a Sunday night.  Also, we didn’t pick the prime location.  Our staff was very attentive and I didn’t have to ask for more water or whatnot.  I’d come back if someone wanted to do a dinner here.  My apologies for the crappy pictures: the lighting wasn’t that great.  I’d say if you got a craving for southern boil or Cajun style seafood, this will take care of it in a second, but if you can go without it for a little bit, it’s always better to get it back down where it originated from in the south.

They do have multiple locations which you can find on Yelp.  We scored our table off the Waverly Pl. location.  You can find that here:

17 Waverly Pl, New York NY 10003

Hope that it satisfies your Cajun cravings!



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