An Atlantan In New York: French Fusion

DB Moderne Bistro: Midtown West, Manhattan, New York, NY

I met a few friends who flew in from out-of-town and wanted to grab dinner before their musical that night.  I hadn’t really heard much from this place, but my friend said that it was pretty good.  French food is always a favorite although not necessarily my go-to, and I was looking forward to trying somewhere new, especially in the Theatre District since I tend to stay away from this area.

Two things that I got to try were their cheese table crackers and their seared scallops.

Cheese Table Crackers
– very tasty: gruyere was the cheese of choice and it was on point
– not ridiculously dry
– small and tiny, not enough to satisfy the craving


Seared Scallops: this is probably one of my favorite ways to eat scallops.  I normally don’t favor this one particular seafood because it tends to have a certain flavor that just doesn’t feel quite ‘fresh’ to me.  However, if they are done well, I really do enjoy a great seared scallop entree.
– well plated, if you’re into amazing plating
– not overcooked: this by far would have failed the dish for me if the scallops turned out rubbery.
– I’m not sure if I like just having four scallops as a main entree.  Those vegetable bits didn’t quite do it for me as an accompaniment.

Cafe Moderne Bistro - seared scallops

All in all, it wasn’t the greatest, but it wasn’t terrible.  I think there are other and better places though if you were to throw down money, especially for seared scallops.  The service was great, everyone was very attentive and we never had a dry cup.  I just wasn’t amazed by anything.  I wouldn’t turn it down but definitely so many other places in NYC to go to.  If you’re looking for a decent meal right before your show, you can make a reservation here.  The location is pretty ideal as it’s not too far from Broadway:

55 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036  ||  website:

I hope you have a great meal if you do try this place though!


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