An Atlantan In NY: More Dim Sum

Nom Wah Tea Parlor: Chinatown, Manhattan, NY, NY, USA

This place is pretty popular – my friend from SF was visiting and got in line right around 1020am. They open apparently at 1030 but by 1130 the place was filled and the wait at noon was about 45min. This was on a Saturday morning. It’s a fairly small dim sum restaurant and not the style of dim sum that comes around in carts. Rather, you look off of a menu and write down the number of various plates that you would like to eat from. You can always add more dishes after ordering one round.

We hit the menu pretty hard. I’ll post the pictures on there but there were quite a number of dishes and to go into details it would take forever.


  • good quantity, mostly in threes or fours as most dim sum. However, the stuffing for most of these dumpings, both steamed and fried, is pretty generous.
  • good flavor, not under seasoned. not oily: this was key for some of the fried dumplings. There are times that it can get a bit soggy just because there was too much oil that wasn’t drained.
  • the steamed buns are HUGE.
  • attentive staff: it wasn’t difficult to flag someone down for more water or hot tea. This is crucial for me because at some other more popular places in Chinatown, it can take a good ten minutes just to get a water refill.


  • high in salt…or MSG. I would like to think it is salt.
  • limited variety of dim sum. It’s got the staples, but I definitely would prefer more selection of dishes. That’s one of the joys about dim sum!




I can’t say that this was the most amazing dim sum experience that I’ve had. It wasn’t insanely awful, but For the limited variety, I’d rather wait a little more, both for a table and for tea/water refills, to get a better food eating experience. If someone wanted to come here for lunch just to meet up, I wouldn’t be opposed, but I don’t know if I would put this at the top of my list for a referral.

You can find Nom Wah down in Chinatown at the following address.  I would definitely recommend waking up early and getting in line before 11.  We actually ordered five more dishes between the three of us but until I upgrade my data on WordPress, I’m starting to have to limit the media I place on my posts! Thanks for stopping by!

13 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013
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