An Atlantan In New York: Matcha Everything!

Bibble & Sip: Theatre District, Manhattan, New York, NY

I finally managed to make it to this place after attempting to come here three times and was deterred by the crazy long line that snaked it’s way to the door and almost out the door. Still, I was determined to try what some have said to be the best matcha latte in New York city as well as a matcha cream puff that rivals that of Beard Papa’s. The first thing that you see when you get to the counter is an array and simple but yet diverse selection of small desserts, not all of the matcha (for those of you who dislike green tea). There is an Earl Grey cream puff, a dark chocolate cream puff, panna cotta, and more. The one thing that may be a smart but also unappealing is the lack of sit-down space. However, as popular as they are, this is also very prudent because it keeps the business flowing in! Onward with the food reviews…


Matcha Latte

– hefty amount of matcha: I’ve never had so much green in my latte. It definitely beats anything that any other cafe has made for me, Asian or non-Asian
– not overly bitter despite the generous amount of matcha powder: matcha powder itself is quite bitter and in large quantities can really make a drink unappealing. This was not the case.
– super rich and creamy: I’m not sure if they used half-and-half but it sure felt like it.
– latte art: apparently you can ask for it, but I did not at that time because the line was out the door and I felt bad if they took extra time to do a little more art on my behalf

– none (i am a matcha lover in heart mind and soul!)


Matcha Cream Puff

– super generous IE super large cream puff! We had to share two cream puffs among three people and I don’t even think we got to finish them both.
– crispy outside, soft and creamy inside
– cream filling was not overly sweet

– gets a bit difficult to share because there is so much cream given the large size of the puff itself, still ridiculously tasty though.


I would most definitely come back for another matcha latte. It is the best in the city by far. I can’t say that I’ve fallen in love with their matcha cream puff, but there is one thing I am dying to try if I can make it when they put these on display and that is their totoro baked goods. I’ve been a Miyazaki fan since childhood and they do some great Totoro macarons as well as others. I believe their latest concoctions was little rooster macarons for Chinese New Year!  You can find Bibble & Sip off 51st:

253 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019

Let me know what you think.  If you like matcha lattes, this place is worth the wait in line!


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