An Atlantan In New York: Crispy Sticky Rice Chicken…Need I Say More?

Sing Kee: Chinatown, Manhattan, NY, NY

I was introduced to this place about a month ago or actually two months ago when a friend from ATL came to visit. The friends she was staying with picked this restaurant for two things in particular: cheesy lobster and crispy sticky rice fried chicken. HOLY MOLY. I can’t even wait to begin.  The things we tried were:

  • Sticky Rice Chicken
  • Cheesy Lobster
  • Grand Marnier Shrimp

Sticky Rice Chicken


  • large, whole freaking chicken: definitely family style super crispy skin: plenty to share
  • meat was not dried out
  • everything deboned
  • rice was well flavored, not overcooked


  • slightly greasy but who cares, we all know it’s deep fried!
  • have to order at least a day if not two days in advance I believe


Cheesy Lobster


  • great quantity: all in all the generosity of this restaurant when it comes to quantity is hard to beat. It’s good ol’ traditional chinese style that does not skimp.
  • good chunks of lobster
  • not too cheesy. I was totally expecting a cheese sauce but there was a nice even amount of melted cheese that went well with the selected sauce.


  • hard to eat a lot of. For some reason the flavors were somewhat overwhelming after eating more than three pieces.


Grand Marnier Shrimp


  • very large shrimp, jumbo size. I can’t stand tiny pieces of shrimp
  • evenly breaded
  • not too heavy evenly sauced, not dumped on and pooling
  • vegetables came with the dish


  • none!


We did order other things like the Chinese water spinach, but it’s nothing really to write home about. They did every dish really well and admittedly, these three things made this place top notch for me. I totally want to take all my friends here, especially for that sticky rice chicken!  In summary:

  • Sticky Rice Chicken: **** (4 stars)
  • Cheesy Lobster: ***.85 (3.85 stars)
  • Grand Marnier Shrimp: ***.95 (3.95 stars)

If you wanted to find Sing Kee, they are all the way at the bottom of Chinatown, almost near the Manhattan Bridge going to Brooklyn.  You can find them here off Bowery:

42 Bowery, New York, NY 10013
Definitely a good late night eats!  Please stop by and definitely order the sticky rice chicken in advance.  Thanks to KM and MPN for the heads up when M was in town that weekend.  I never would have found out about them otherwise!
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