An Atlantan In New York: Hot Pot Time

99 Favor: Lower East, Manhattan, NY, NY, USA

I actually came here in the summer because a friend was visiting from out of town.  Normally I would reserve the hot pot for a stinking cold miserable day but this was a special occasion so I hauled my butt all the way from the Upper East Side down to the other end of the island.  Overall, it is a bit difficult to rate hot pot or as the Japanese would say, sukiyaki.  It’s literally a mashup of different ingredients in a hot soup base that you dip in a sauce you mix on your own.  The only thing that can potentially go wrong is a) they forget one of the ingredients you order b) you are clumsy and somehow pitch forward into a pot of boiling soup  and c) your tastebuds are in a class of their own and you somehow make the worst dipping sauces no matter how many times you try a new concoction.

That being said, I’ll just go straight into the details of our time at 99 Favor:


  • very big spacious area with booths set with multiple burners so you can have two or three different types of soups depending on how large your party
  • very large selection of menu items: some are part of the AYCE (All You Can Eat) menu, and some are for an additional fee.
  • AYCE!
  • very attentive staff for majority of the time.  I believe that there was a time when we couldn’t find our server but I believe there was a shift change and they were short staffed for a little bit.  Nothing to really complain about.
  • good variety of soup bases to choose from with constant refills.
  • pretty decent sauce bar: some places can get scanty with their spread.


  • AYCE is only for 3 hours: it’s okay with me since I am not a super slow eater, but I think this also depends on the service.  Towards the end, they definitely started to slow the service down a bit which can potentially piss off some true “AYCE” eaters.
  • some of the things that I really like to eat are for an additional fee – this isn’t so much a con though since I’m used to paying for whatever I eat back home in Atlanta.
  • the sauce bar needs a little more attention: we had dinner at 7 but the cilantro and scallions were all at the bottom of the barrel when we were trying to put our sauces together.

Overall, I definitely like 99 Favor.  I think it’s worth the money for Manhattan and you can’t really go wrong with hot pot.  It’s not top grade filet mignon or the Luger Porterhouse meat but it’s tasty good, filling, and hearty.  You can find them here:

285 Grand St
New York, NY 10002

b/t Eldridge St & Forsyth St
Lower East Side

Let me know what you think?  I’m going to try and seek out some hot pot in Flushing as well.  Supposedly that is the place to be for Asian food!

Thanks for being so patient readers!  This fellowship is killing me and then my dog recently passed away so it’s been a bit of a blur.  It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been trying these hot new spots in Manhattan, but I’ll get to these new posts in a hot second this weekend!


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