An Atlantan in New York: A Trip to Persia

Ravagh Persian Grill: Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY, NY, USA

And they do delivery!

I was so excited when I actually got to try this little gem of a Persian restaurant near my pad.  Admittedly, I was hoping that they had tachin or that crispy Persian rice dish my friend DD had taught me about ten years ago.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by the dishes that I did manage to get.  It far exceeds that of Rumi’s Kitchen back home in Atlanta.  The things I got to eat (and this was over two separate visits):

  • kashke bademjan: eggplant puree dip with tomato based sauce with spices
  • sultani platter: sirloin barg (skewers) and minced beef chunks
  • polo rice: basmati with saffron and red currant berries

kashke bademjan


  • great flavors: not bland
  • good balance: despite having a tomato based sauce, this isn’t overly acidic nor is it overly sweetened
  • shareable: comes with bread and so it can fill very fast


  • none


sultani platter: sirloin skewers with minced beef chunks


  • meat was not overcooked: everything was ridiculously juicy
  • very hefty quantity.  Definitely shareable between two eaters, especially light eaters.
  • nice balance between vegetable (grilled onion and tomatoes) and meat


  • none


polo rice: this was actually an upgrade.  There are several side dishes of rice that you can add or upgrade your dish from.  I love saffron rice and it was the closest thing to tahdeeg and so I ordered it as an addition to my dish.


  • huge quantity: you can definitely split this among three or four people
  • fantastic flavors: they are very generous with the saffron but it is not overpowering
  • currants are hard to find and so it was a nice little addition for me to get to have it in my rice


  • none


Truthfully, I’ve already eaten here about three or four times.  It’s super close to my place, they do delivery and it’s ridiculously fast.  The food as delivery is still great quality, comes piping hot.  If you want to eat there in person though you can find them just off First Avenue and between 62nd and 63rd:

1135 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10065
Definitely stop by and give their food a try.  It is so good!
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