An Atlantan in New York: Soba To My Heart

Soba-Ya: New York, NY, USA

During the first week of my new life in New York, I took my mom out a lot.  The main reason for this was because we didn’t have groceries, but when we did have groceries, I didn’t have too many pots and pans.  Most of our home cooked meals were very simple but they did hit the spot.  Eating out too much really gets to my GI  because of all the grease, but in New York the food is so good and there’s so many places to try!

I found SobaYa on YELP when I was trying to find a good spot that would fill us up but was clean tasting and relatively healthy.  Of course, my go-to comfort food is Japanese food.  It’s not even Chinese which I can find relatively greasy or heavy at times.  Soba was just the perfect food for us.

Soba can be served hot or cold.  In the hot version, it’s served in a light fish-based broth.  When served cold, it is served with soba tsuyu or soba dipping sauce.  Truth be told, at Soba-Ya, cold soba seems to come with way more noodles than its hot counterpart.  One of the things that I really wanted to get was their Soba-ya Bento Box.  They only have a limited amount per day so it’s best to go when they open.

Mini Bento Box: probably the perfect size truthfully.  I may get this in the future from here on out.  They serve it with a little piece of tamago and oshinki (Japanese pickles) along with a small rice bowl which you can choose from a select list.  You also have a choice of hot or cold soba.  Both my mum and I chose hot soba today because we got food poisoning from a Filipino restaurant the night before, blog entry to be added.


  • great quantity for one person who is between a light and moderate eater
  • good variety of food in the bento
  • nice balanced flavor: the soba soup was not too salty surprisingly and very hearty
  • the salmon bowl came with a little sauce on the bottom that wasn’t soy sauce, but it was so addicting.  I normally prefer noodle over rice, but I couldn’t help but scoop quite a bit of that rice bowl.


  • I would have preferred the salmon to be complete sashimi and not seared on the outside.  However, this isn’t really a con as it is a preference.

Soba Ya - Mini BentoSoba Ya - Mini Bento, salmon bowl

Special Soba-Ya Bento Box:  This came with quite a few more things including tempura, a side salad, seared salmon, special onigiri (rice ball/cake), vermicelli in tsuyu dipping sauce, and then boiled vegetables.  They really embodied the Japanese form of cooking called Washoku.   I didn’t take a picture of the hot soba, but it’s exactly the same as the one with the Mini Bento above.


  • great quantity, definitely enough for two people to share if they are light eaters.
  • good flavors: same broth that is used in the mini bento box
  • fresher since there was the salad and the vermicelli
  • the vermicelli was a really nice cold noodle side dish to have in addition with the hot soba
  • the salmon was done perfectly: not over cooked but with seared crispy skin.


  • none.

Soba-Ya - Special Bento

I definitely will come back, especially during my first winter in New York.  I can’t wait to sit down with a hot bowl of soba and slurp to my satisfaction.  In summary:

  • mini Bento box: ***.95 (3.95) stars
  • Special Bento box: ***.95 (3.95) stars

You can find them just around the corner from the Astor Place stop on the Green line:

229 E 9th St, New York, NY 10003
Welcome to my New York food adventures!
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