The Almost-Final Tour, Part 2: Brazilian BBQ

Fogo De Chao: Atlanta, GA, USA

We’re going to take this to another type of barbecue: Brazilian!  My parents had never had this before, and I wanted to treat my dad to some meat on his birthday since we rarely eat much of it at home.  Fogo de Chao is AYCE: for lunch, we paid $35 per person which includes their AYCE salad bar and countless amounts of meat that servers bring to your table.  For the salad bar itself, it is $15 which to me is a STEAL.

How Fogo works:

My sister and I chose the unlimited salad bar.  This is a great deal because there are still meat items on the salad bar.  Behind the bar there are some hot foods like rice and beef stew as well as a soup of the day.  The salad bar has its standard “build-your-own” salad.  You can also partake in their charcuterie board which had salami and prosciutto as well as their imported cheese board (baby swiss and Spanish manchego).  There were large fresh mozzarella balls, tomato and mozzarella basil salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, green apple salad, a quinoa salad, and many more including fresh bread and butter.

If you choose the AYCE barbecue option, you get a round card that is green on one side and red on the other.  If you choose the salad bar, these cards will be taken away.  To have meat brought to your table, you leave the green side up.  To stop the meat from coming so you can eat what’s already on your plate, you flip it over to the red side.  Types of meat included filet mignon, skirt steak, chicken, leg of lamb, and bacon wrapped steak to name a few.  You can also choose how well you want your meat done: the waiter will ask you for your preference and cut it from a certain section of their body-long skewer.

There are also some amazing sides that were brought to the table.  Truth be told, we killed a lot of these sides and had additional rounds brought to the table.  First is the traditional Brazilian bread: pao de quiejo (cheese bread).  Second were caramelized baby (or maybe apple) bananas.  Third and fourth were mashed potatoes and polenta cakes.  I would recommend eating the cheese bread as soon as it gets to your table since it can get cold quite fast.

Fogo De Chao - pao de quiejo

Fogo De Chao - plantains

There are multiple Fogo locations across the country.  The best way to find your closest Fogo de Chao would be to navigate their website here:

Only a few more ATL entries to go and then we’ve got a whopper of a list for this first week in NYC!


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