The Almost-Final Tour, Part 1: Korean BBQ

678 BBQ: Duluth, GA, USA

Before my move to New York, I asked a friend of a friend who lives in Queens what foods should I eat before I go up north for a year.  He recommended southern food and vietnamese since they do not have much of that up there.  My Korean friends though, recommended Korean food since it’s pretty darn good in Atlanta and it’s cheap.  That being said, I decided to choose 678-bbq as the start of my farewell food tour to the A (but only to be back in a few months ha!).

There was a total of 7 of us eating lunch that day.  We did admittedly have a bit of a setback though.  Apparently a water pipe had burst overnight and the restaurant couldn’t seat us immediately.  When they did seat us, they could only place us in the front of the restaurant with one grill.  At first I was a bit annoyed, but this actually worked out to our benefit because it forced us all to eat a little slower, and we could honestly digest our food more.

We ordered both combo A (pork platter) and combo B (beef platter) which ended up being perfect for all of us.  As part of the grill, there are three shallow wells.  One well was where they put scrambled egg to slowly cook into a little omelet, the second was for corn cheese, and the third was for kimchee bean sprouts and kimchee.

678 - beef plate (combo B)

678 - pork plate (combo A)

678 - brisket

678 has the better meat for sure when it comes to Korean bbq.  The one thing I did wish they had was the rice-noodle wrappers (dduk bossam).  That would completely it for me.  However, the server brought countless refills of the pickled radish wrappers.  Apparently the same owner opened up the exact same bbq establishment but under a different name, just north of Duluth in Suwannee.  It’s called 770 haha.  I thought at first it was because of the area-code but then I was informed that 678 is a franchise, and 770 was established simply because the owner didn’t want to pay the franchise fee.

I highly recommend 678 for you Korean bbq lovers.  I could go back there again and again except for the fact that I can’t tolerate meat too much.  You can find them here:

3880 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096
Thank you for bearing with my absence.  It’s been a crazy week having moved to New York.  I’m excited for the food adventures but petrified of not surviving this new city.  Keep on reading, this year is going to be full of new entries, both of food and of The Big Apple.  Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!
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