The Best Korean BBQ In Atlanta?

Breakers: Duluth, GA, USA

So I write the title with a question mark only because I’m really not sure if this is the best Korean bbq restaurant in the A.  I ate back here in March truthfully (and this post is ridiculously delayed).  I had two friends in town, and since so many of my local foodies raved about this place, I wanted to take my visitors here to try it.  We all got the AYCE because it was the best option to get the most variety while keeping the check consistent within the table.  One of the things that I liked about this place was the fact that they have the rice-noodle wrappers (dduk bossam).  You can’t find this elsewhere in Atlanta except for Iron Age which has less superior meat.  The appeal of Breakers is that it has special venting that leaves you free from the scent of grilled meat.  The interior is definitely more posh than most Korean BBQ places, and it caters very much to the non-Asians because let’s face it, most of us Asians care more for food quality and are perfectly okay smelling like grilled meat because well, that’s what we went there to eat.

Breakers - rice wrappers

One of the things I don’t like is how the side dishes are so small.  Everything was small.  Everything was small in serving size as well.  We were given a choice of soup, and I chose the pumpkin creme.  This was also small with only what I would guess would be one ladle per bowl.  The only thing that wasn’t small was the salad.  I suppose that by serving small plates, it limits people from wasting food.  However, it’s not appealing even though we did order the AYCE (All You Can Eat) option.

Breakers - pumpkin soup

Breakers - bbq salad

There were only four panchan (small side) dishes which I feel is not enough.  However, the service was not too shabby.  There were times when I felt our server was a little left high and dry though as she had to wait on three tables at once.

Breakers - side dishes

Food-wise, I can’t say that the meat was exceedingly amazing.  Truth be told, a friend told me that the beef at Breakers was dry-aged and so it was very much like eating steak.  However, if I wanted steak, I would just go to a steakhouse.  The squid however, wasn’t too bad though.

All in all, I think I’m okay with going somewhere less fancy and smelling like meat.  In fact, I’d rather go to Iron Age for the rice wrappers and eat less meat and more salad and carbs.  It’s rather ironic, but if it came down to choosing between the two, Iron Age would suffice for me.  If it came down to the meat, I’d rather pay a little more and go to 678 which apparently now has a sister restaurant further north.

Is this the best Korean bbq restaurant in Atlanta?  Only if you didn’t want to smell like meat and needed a very posh environment to eat in.  Otherwise, get a better meal for the same price if not less.  Give it a try though and don’t take my word for it:

3505 Gwinnett Pl Dr NW #101, Duluth, GA 30096
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